Custom & Personal Detail

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Why The Whisk?

Your guests arrive and you hear the buzz, the venue is beautiful and original. The presentation is elegant and completely inviting. The service is impeccable, yet unobtrusive. And the food? – it dazzles the eye and surprises the palate…

With our thoroughly professional staff you can host as few guests as ten or as many as five hundred. Relax knowing you will have a truly memorable event.

We have a reputation for consistent quality and attention to every detail. Here at The Whisk we arrange the total party concept: site, selection, flowers, music, lighting, transportation, everything. We bring imagination, variety, thoroughness and excitement to your menu, and your event, Other caterers meet your needs… The Whisk anticipates them.

Whether you’re having a huge, formal wedding, or you want finger foods for a community event, reach out to us today. We’ll provide you with a catering menu, so you know what’s available, and we can plan your party or other event together.